House of Prayer IPH Church
Mass Choir
House of Prayer IPH Church
Mass Choir
Be on time
Practices are every 1st and 2nd Saturday from 2:30-4p.m.
Be in your place and ready to learn.
Be respectful to the directors as well as other member of the choir.
We struggle together!
   We laugh together!
   We cry together!
   Simply put...UNITY!
Please understand that we may have certain attire that we will wear for different events.
Make sure your attire is appropriate for the occasions.
Mass Choir Directors
Charita Hunt
Crystal Baysinger
Karen Runnels
Have you been thinking about joining the choir?
Did you know you may join at any time?

New members are always welcome; and if you haven’t sung in the choir, it’s a very fun experience – all about the joy of singing! So, let go and let spirit lead the way and join in with others who wish to enrich our
Sunday morning services.
*Please note you must be at least 7years old or older to join
Monthly Dues
$5.00 for Adults
$2.00 for Children
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