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Hello, Just thought I would leave a little love and share a little of love and hope to the people around the world.  Much love to HOuse of Prayer and all the members. MS.Dee

Sunday, 7/15/07, 11:04 PM
David Mitchell

Just wanted to say I enjoyed your picture and seeing your praise dancer my wife and I do praise danceing ourself 2 the name of our team is united of praise the lord gave me that name cause we are one we do thing together hope 2 sometime we you guys are in Texas come by at our church and vist us at Holy Temple Church God in Christ where my Pastor is Bishop Edward Lee

From:Terrell Tx
Wednesday, 7/11/07, 7:34 PM

Hello my name is Jasmine Eliyah Hunt and I go to this church! I've been going to House of Prayer since I was a baby because my grandma and grandpa are the pastors of this church. I think they are doing a wonderful job as pastors and most of all being my grandparents! Sis.Fran keep up the good work you are doing a great job with the pictures and the whole entire web site!!Thanks Sis. Fran for being HOP's photographer!!!!!!!!!! Love Jasmine Hunt and SheQuoia Knight

Friday, 6/29/07, 7:22 AM
Clemmie McMichael

Clemmie McMichael Great job H.O.P.

Tuesday, 6/26/07, 5:48 PM

I love this church it is the best church Sis.Fran keep up the good work in the pictures.

From:      Oklahoma
Web Site:shequoiaknight
Monday, 6/4/07, 11:03 AM
Keith Moore

I should mention that today is my first time to visit OUR website. Sis Fran....SPLENDID JOB! God is doing great things for us and having this website is one of the many things that have come into existence since I became a member of this church in October 1995. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

From:      House of Prayer IPH 
Wednesday, 1/31/07, 8:16 PM
Keith Moore

I love my pastors...they're the best!!!

From:      House of Prayer IPH 
Wednesday, 1/31/07, 7:55 PM
Gloria Pigford

From:      Wilson NC
Email:      PCF100@EARTHLINK.NET
Friday, 1/12/07, 3:14 PM
Wednesday, 11/29/06, 4:02 PM
David Mitchell

David Mitchell from Terrell Texas hello how are you Me just bless.

David Mitchell

I enjoy the picture of your praise dance my wife Praise dance so if your ever in texas we would like To invite you to our church.  Holy Temple Church in Terrell Texas.  Pastor Bishop James Edward Lee Brother darrell Wardlow use to talk about your Church when he live here in texas so i look up it On the internet.  So tell him I said hello and god I seen all of the church praise and worship And preaching look like a revival. GOD IS GOOD AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD.  My nickname is doc. god bless the church.  i use to go to a church name House of prayer church in Wills Point Texas.  The pastor  name is Elder Edward Harden.  One of the his son was on Jamie Foxx singing he a good singer WRITE BACK

From:Terrell Texas
Tuesday, 11/28/06, 6:25 PM
sabrina sweet/martin

hey amber, you tried to write to me.  I got the email, but unfortunately I could not send you a reply via hotmail.  please try again to  Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Love you all. Sis Sweet

From:georgia (now)
Tuesday, 8/29/06, 3:56 PM
Yvette Hicks

Praise the Lord everyone! This isn't my first time on this website, but I just wanted to let Sis. Fran know that she's doing a great job with the website.  God is da bomb and if you don't know him...........get to know him now! Love everyone at the HOP! It's the place to be.................YOU KNOW! GOD BLESS Vet

Tuesday, 8/22/06, 10:42 AM
Moneik & Keyley

Love you guys! Righteosness, Peace, Joy in the Holy Ghost!!!!!

From:       Farmville, NC
Tuesday, 8/15/06, 8:11 PM

I Love this church well right now I am in N.C. it is really fun and I am really enjoying myself it took a long time to get here and the family is so happy to see us and right now I just want to thank God for getting my family safe and to everybody that gets on here from this day till next Thursday please be praying for us down here and on the way back and remember what the pastor said do what your supposed todo Love SheQuoia (Quoia)

Website:   Cox
Thursday, 8/29/06, 8:25 PM

I Love this web site this is my first time on here love the web site good job sister Fran with putting it together

Website:   Crhist girl
Email:      Godzdaworld 2
Monday, 6/26/06, 7:30 AM
Crystal Javon McNeal

The House of Prayer are doing wonderful things.  God Bless

From:Edmond, Oklahoma
Tuesday, 5/9/06, 8:01 PM
sabrina sweet

Hey Y'all!!! Looking at the website made me a whole lot homesick. 
Thoughts began running through my mind and just looking at how everyone had grown up, out, and had changed made me ache a little
inside.  I guess I have been gone for a long time.  I see that you all still get great Word, great food, and great fellowship.  And what is going on with the
youth is amazing!  I would love to visit someday; maybe I will slip in one Sunday this summer and sit in the back so that I can enjoy the Word and the fellowship of the saints again.
Keep doing God's Will and His work and be blessed!!
Miss all of you trememdously.

From:martinsville, va
Monday, 2/27/06, 7:25 AM
scott sweet

Hi , just got got off the phone with Sabrina, she told me about your web site, it is very nice, I am so glad you all are doing so well, your church has
surely been bless by our Lord. I hope you have a great 2006 , and please tell all I did say hello, You and Pastor Knight are in my thoughts and
Prayers, have a great day. your friend always  Scott Sweet

From:virginia beach
Saturday, 2/25/06, 11:52 AM
karen Runnels


Monday, 12/19/05, 7:34 PM
Latrice Thompson

hello ,this is the first time at the site what a great job you are doing on the site and in the church sister fran keep up the good work , i would like to say that there has been a big change in the house of prayer family within my 17 years as a member I would have to say that we have grown spirtual and  physically in our walk with god . god bless latrice thompson

From:Midwest City

Monday, 10/24/05, 7:56 PM
LuVon Runnels

Thursday, 8/18/05, 4:38 PM
amber mcdonald

From:del city, oklahoma
Wednesday, 6/15/05, 9:22 PM


Email:      YOLUV1975@YAHOO.COM
Sunday, 6/5/05, 2:18 AM
Latasha Taylor

Hi HOP Church Family!!! I just wanted to say how much i love to come to yall website it is so wonderful. Whoever created it did a wonderful job. You all be
blessed and Hi Knight family this is Tasha!!! Love you Guys:).... Pray for us here in North Carolina.God bless and we will do the same for you... Love Tasha

From:Wilson NC
Tuesday, 5/17/05, 2:41 PM
Sunday, 5/15/05, 7:36 AM
Tyler Clark

We enjoyed your website.  I was drawn to your site from your name "House of Prayer".  Will you please pray for us here in Japan, we are missionaries with
iphc, also for asia.  We need workers.  Bless your church and ministry.

From:Right now? Japan
Web Site: The Clark Family Report

Hey H.O.P.! This is my first time coming to this site and I think that you all are doing a wonderful job. I just wanted to say how much it has blessed me to be a member of House of Prayer! I thank God for our pastors, because they are truley a blessing and I love them with all of my heart. Again, this site is very nice!Love Always, Lil' Sis. Aryanna

From:Oklahoma City, OKlahoma
Thursday, 4/28/05, 6:28 PM
Ernestine Richardson

God has blessed me so much  while under Pastor Vick and Bardara Knight. My whole life has changed. God has healed my body, I no longer smoke been free for 11 1/2 years, don't curse any more I am free from a lot of things in my life and if it had not been for God on my side where would I be. We go through in order to help someone else. My life ia a testamoney.I made it to 50. When I first came to House Of PrayerI didn't think I would make it to be 32.I would never go to church on Mothers Day, and one day Pastor said to me to come any way and it would be okMy mother was born on that day and when she died it was 2 weeks befor her Birthday, so that was not my day. When I put it in Gods hand everything was all right. Noww it has been alot of years and I am still holding on to Gods hand.So I am here to tell you Pastor Victor and Pastor Barbarba are a man and woman of God. It is all about God.I am not saying that I am perfect or they are perfect we all have sin and came short. All I am saying is to trust God and read his word and have faith. The Joy of the Lord is my strength

Thursday, 1/13/05, 11:21 PM
Bruce & Kay Miller

We thank God for you and your church family. The warmth and genuine love experienced during our visit to House Of Prayer was, for lack of better words
AWESOME. The flow of the Holy Spirit was so refreshing in Praise & Worship right to the Word as was given by you Pastor Victor! The Lord truly spoke to our hearts and we were encouraged.We would like to visit with you in the near future. Oh almost forgot thank you for allowing me to share my gift with you congregation in song! IN HIS SERVICE Bruce & Kay Miller

From:Midwest City, Ok
Thursday, 1/6/05, 11:05 AM
Sunday, 11/28/04, 2:55 PM
Jeremy Hinton

praise all at the house of prayer

From:lansing mich// altus ok
Charita Hunt

Dear family in Christ, this is my first time visiting the wed site and it is beautiful.  truly this is a testament that the "best is yet to come" for the House of Prayer family.Your Sister in Christ, Sis. Charita Hunt

From:Oklahoma City, Ok
Monday, 11/22/04, 5:27 PM
Herman & Lu von Runnels

Hi Fran, I finally got to see the beautiful web site.  You did such a wonderful job. I am practicing getting on the web site.  See you later or at church.  Fran I
really do appreciate you useing your gifts and talents for the Lord.  Keep up the good work. Herman Love you and I do too! LuVon Runnels

From:Okc, Okla.
Tuesday, 11/16/04, 7:55 PM
Tim Auter

Hey Victor! I've tried to contact you but have failed several times.  How are You?  Man, I miss you (Southwestern days)!  I guess from your web page, everything is good.  Marla says hi!  I have stayed in touch with Ed, but I haven't talked with him in a while.  I'm still preaching!  Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I still love you and miss you and would like to talk with you!  God Bless--Tim

From:    Covington, Indiana
Tuesday, 7/20/04, 12:02 PM
naomi cathey

cousin of fran

From:    ada oklahoma

Tuesday, 6/22/04, 6:50 PM
Thursday, 2/19/04, 6:18 PM
Lashon Pigford

I just want to send my encouragements to the church family to keep on trusting in the Lord and continue to work in his will. God Bless and I love you AuntBarbara and family.

From:    Wilson North Carolina

I want to thank each one of you for taking the time to leave your comments in House of Prayer's Guest Book.  I Iost them recently when I updated the homepage. The website host was able to retrieve them but they couldn''t be added back to the existing Guest Book.  I was able to copy them and post them here.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Sis. Fran.
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