And this is the Vision which the Lord has put in our hearts to work and fulfill the call of God in the Community in which He has placed us.
  • We would like to see the people of the neighborhood working together to improve their environment.

  • This Church will have facilities and programs that will not only interest the inner city youths, but will also give them hope, aspirations, dreams and will reestablish their belief in the power of Love through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
God has given us a Vision of one day building a church that will be a blessing to the community and the inner city youth.
The Vision of this church will also reach out to those whom society has rejected. People like the homeless, prisoners, abused, etc.
  • We plan to have facilities to accommodate these people, and with the Word of God and the help of other agencies, we believe even they can become all that God intended for them to be.
And yet still another aspect of this ministry will be to create an atmosphere of genuine fellowship, prayer, and teaching of the Word that will cause everyone that God sends to us to have a supernatural experience with God.

The Vision for this church is to produce other fellowships with other like passions in this Metropolitan area and throughout this country.
  •   We pray that as people catch the Vision and are equipped for ministry, they will go out and establish other missions to produce quality Christians, as the Lord leads.
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Our Vision
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"A Place Where Deliverance Is Always Available."
Luke 4:18-19